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What the Bible Says About God’s View of Tattoos and Body Piercing: Two Interesting Verses. The title of this article is, Doctors Say Tattoo Removal Is Becoming More Common. 27-28), cultic prostitution (v. 29, in contrast with proper worship of the LORD, v. 30), and necromancy (v. 31). The New Testament did not have specific guidelines on body piercings, and some may argue that these only serve as adornment. What Does the Bible Say About Piercing the Body? The New Testament does not specifically command against tattoos or body piercings, but it also does not give us any reason to believe God would have us get tattoos or body piercings. Discrete Body Most Geography, Links: in the sight of men (Rom. The short answer is nothing, at least nothing definitive. However, while the Israelites were forbidden from mutilating their bodies, piercings were a common practice both before and after the implementation of Levitical law. God called ancient Israel to come out of the world’s system of … Sorted by most helpful votes from the Topical Bible. 3:12; 2 Pet. 7:12-14), we live under the law of Christ (1 Cor. (Times-Enterprise, 11-20-2003, Albany, NY, Associated Press), Professionals -- from artists who create tattoos to doctors who remove them -- say the best strategy is not to get ill-considered tattoos in the first place. Their advice: Think. See the related verses below. Some will even tell you that they wish their tattoo could be taken off. The meaning behind the cross tattoo is often as a sign of a licentious lifestyle. 12:17; Phil. 3:12-14). So, if you are a devout Catholic, you would be saddened to know what the bible says about tattoos. Cutting oneself was forbidden by the Law (Deut. This is contextual and specific to that particular situation. The tattoo was seen by the person who Culture and SocietySomeone may say that culture and society have changed, arguing that body piercing and tattooing do not have the riotous and rebellious connotations they had a few years ago. Study Books, Churches Discrete body piercing, such as tasteful female ear piercing, is considered in society to be a godly adornment. To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Alyssa Roat Contributing Writer Men in the Navy serving oversees often got tattoos. at best (Rom. But, we currently do not have a method that will totally remove a tattoo. The Bible says that it is not right to cut into the body, meaning that piercings are not okay for people following the Old Testament rules. ¦ Contact Body Piercing Texts Jesus tells us to follow Him and not the ways of the world (John 21:22), but this isn’t something new. And, of course, the most provocative tattoos 19:28). Bible Verses About Body Piercings Bible verses related to Body Piercings from the King James Version (KJV) by Relevance - Sort By Book Order . ( Body Piercing and Tattoos: More than Skin Deep , Mayo Clinic, www.mayoclinic.com ). Bible PrinciplesThere are four principles we can apply, when determining whether body piercing and tattooing are lawful. Because than discrete ear and nose piercings) reflects Some folks argue that there are discrete Look at pictures of your parents and grandparents when they were your age. Resources, Links: On the other hand, a temporary tattoo of a woman in a bikini or a muscleman, does not profess godliness and dishonors God because of the licentious message expressed by the tattoo. What Does the Bible Say About Tattoos and Body Piercings? society believes that body piercings (other body modifications that the Israelites were warned about were practices common with the Pagans 15:16-17). Will you enjoy having your fraternity letters on your backside in a decade? one says with Junius: "The ear is a member of the body; by the piercingof the... /.../kuyper/the work of the holy spirit/xvii like one of us.htm The Anvil of Experience. 3:16-17) and investigate the doctrine and law of Christ (2 Jn. Below are three quotes from the article, which everyone should read before getting a tattoo: At 23, Alexandra Baker figures it's time to get rid of the spider on her ankle. enemies of Christ, rather than Christ Himself. March 04, 2014. URL, LiveBibleChat.com On the other hand, a broad section of Please click here to learn how. something sinful, pierced ears, and discrete 9:21; Gal. They are not honorable and respectable The Bible has multiple mentions of body jewelry and piercings (nose rings, earrings etc). I believe there are 5 key Scripture verses that need to be grouped together to get what God’s opinion may really be on this issue. Much of the time, tattoos and body piercings are permanent. A study by Dr. Bob Haley and Dr. Paul Fischer found that commercially acquired tattoos accounted for more than twice as many hepatitis C infections as injection-drug use. They do not profess godliness (1 Tim. But personally I don't like neither tattoo nor piercings But remember neither tattoo or piercings are not completely harmless, start with a little one and waite a year or so, to see how your body/skin react. Belief Net suggested having it done in a sanitary and professional manner to avoid contracting diseases or infections. 3:11; cf. A person who has adorned his body with piercings or tattoos dishonoring God, will undo (as much as is reasonably possible) the piercings and tattoos which prevent him from glorifying God in his body, especially those that are visible to others. "Licentious" is unbridled lust -- excess, absence of restraint, indecency, and wantonness. Therefore, we must go to the New Testament (2 Tim. 2:16; 2 Cor. “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.” – 1 Samuel 15:23 Be careful, The Bible says that rebellion is as witchcraft. Puzzles, Bible In the Old Testament days, Israelites were forbidden from cutting or piercing their body, as was found in Leviticus 19:26-28. While the New Testament made no mention of this issue, 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 reminded Christians that the body is "God's temple" in which the Holy Spirit lives and should be well taken care of, Belief Net detailed. (Times-Enterprise, 11-20-2003, Albany, NY, Associated Press), "There are a number of people who did this and have said 'Geez, this is not what I want.' Bible Stories, Crossword But Baker's outlook has changed somewhat. Internet Radio, Links Try to imagine a tattoo on you, when you are old. What seems really great at age 17 or 20 may not seem so great at age 30," said Dr. Brian Kinney, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon and spokesman for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. How would your parents feel if they had to wear the same styles today, which they wore twenty or thirty years ago? The Bible is silent. In addition, Christians ought to ponder their purpose for body piercing. God's children should abstain from these and Scripture Tattoos: What if my tattoo ¦ StudyWithChristians.com. The piercing itself The Christian Post noted that there are now a lot of churchgoers who sport nose piercings, tattoos, and weird hairstyles. Body piercing is a rather new behavior in the developed world, so I doubt you can talk to elderly people who have had pierced body parts for fifty years. Most people who are anti-body piercing use Leviticus as an argument that body piercing … is the same. First, we have to be very careful about trying to use an Old Tes… The Bible makes no specific reference to tattoos as we understand them in modern times. is hidden or not, because it's not hidden However, 1 Corinthians 10:3 says Christians should make sure that everything they do should glorify God. Frequently when discussing the subject of tattoos or body piercings, someone might argue, “The Bible specifically forbids them.” In fact, there is no passage in the Bible that says, “Thou shalt not get a tattoo.” Many times people will cite Leviticus 19:28, believing that it addresses our question. On this web site, you will find 1000's of pages of detailed class notes and 100's of hours of audio lessons on a variety of Bible books and Bible subjects. The cross tattoo has its roots in paganism, are emblematic of Christ and His cross. Recent classes include 13 lessons on how to teach the Bible and 4 lessons on Matthew (all with video). (Times-Enterprise, 11-20-2003, Albany, NY, Associated Press). Bible Class Notes. Whether a temporary tattoo is lawful or unlawful, is determined by applying the principles discussed above. In the pictures, look at the old people's stretched and worn skin and notice that the piercings are disfigured, as a result of their skin becoming old and saggy. What Does the Bible Say About Tattoos and Body Piercing? The Greek is often translated sensual in the NASB. 6:2). When it comes to the body piercing argument, both sides quote Scripture and mention stories from the Bible. piercings; but in my estimation, Christians tattoos today, just like we have discrete The Bible’s teaching concerning this issue is complex, not because it is somehow difficult to understand, but rather because it is a “side issue” that the Bible really does not address head on. We also know that tattooing their body was prohibited (Lev. Foxes sometime in search of food would enter into the grape orchards and devour the grapes and spoil the crop. 3:23). Ask yourself, "How will I look with loose and sagging body piercings when I'm eighty years old?". Your Tattoo or piercing is only an outward symbol of what was planted in your heart. What does the Bible say about Body Piercings? The Bible doesn’t say much about the practice of body piercings, but neither does it have much to say about many of the fads that seem to come and go. 1 Cor. "I can't stand having them anymore," said Baker, who lives in New York's Hudson Valley. is not associated with evil. We do read in Leviticus 19:28 , “ Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD .” As many people are not aware of the spiritual dangers in such practices, this article is not meant to condemn any that may already have this done. to be a godly adornment. Finally, the Bible gives a real warning about this sort of procedure (Psm.38:5-8) 6. And "through" here means not as a spear is thrust through a man's body, piercing created to represent Christ and His cross. The spider is something to hide rather than exhibit. Whether you've sinned by dishonoring God with a tattooed and pierced body, or something else. 14:23; 1 Th. You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead, nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD. KING JAMES VERSION (KJV) WORDS OF GOD AND JESUS IN RED. ¦ Suggest Lessons, Children's Piercings: Cross Tattoos "It's just not how I want to portray myself anymore." 4 ’ #3 Application of the principles: ” Body piercing: Discrete body piercings:! (Leviticus 19:28). But, you can look at pictures of people in third world nations who have practiced body piercing for generations.

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