vintage electrolux vacuum attachments

or Best Offer. it isn't a bad vacuum, as it draws 45 to 48 inches of water lift, the same as the Model 30 which the dealer usually moved the client up to. Looks as good as new, and it has been serviced--runs & operates perfect. $45.00 plus shipping. Ending Saturday at 10:04AM GMT 1d 9h Collection in person. Pre-Owned. This attachment also goes into the exhaust door of the Model 30 ( or actually any Electrolux) and you fill it with moth balls, lay the vacuum cleaner in the closet, run the cord under the door, and plug it in. The front door automaticly open up & shuts the machine off when the vacuum bag is full. With the automatic rewinder add $45.00. This is one real nice Sunbeam Mixmaster Jr., and in it's time, it was the top of the line for portable hand mixer's offered from Sunbeam. This particular unit is an Electrolux factory rebuilt vacuum, and has been totally refurbished--inside & out. The Deluxe 30 also comes with all of it's original component's. It really isn't. Here's replacement dust bags & air fliter's for any Electrolux cannister that requires them--from an LX to a Silverado, and including all; E's, F's, FA's, G's, L's, 1205's J's, Super J's, Olympics, etc. It was priced at about $54.95 , plus the extra accessories that a customer might want with it. I have the original Electrolux instruction booklet that come with it-- used much. Been looking for ages for one. "Hey, I can buy, or have seen the same model Electrolux's offered at E-Bay for 50 to $100.00", with "great, or good suction". You send it back & I'll repair whatever is broken for the price of the parts plus a flat repair fee, plus shipping costs. I also have some parts available for the Vintage 50's, 60's Sunbeam Mixmaster's. 621 Larkdale Ln. Here is the difference, They are brand new, and are $19.99, plus shipping. View cart for details. If you want the optional automatic cord re-winder, the price is $190.00, the optional tool caddy, $210.00 plus shipping. Normal wear items, switches, cords, wheels, self inflicted damage, etc, is not covered. I have white , green, pink, clear, and stainless steel bowls available, I've had many folks ask for a good original hose. Here's what comes with the standard cleaning package; It catches all of the dirt & dust being blown out of the machine, rather being blown into the room you just cleaned. The rebuilt Super J is $295.00 with all of the standard floor cleaning attachment's, plus the dusting, & upolstery tool. The accessory tool caddy can also be mounted on the back of a closet door--just to keep the tools all together -- 99 It has 12 operating speeds, and this one has 2 stainless mixing bowls. Both the Rebuilt & Restored versions come with a 1 year motor quarantee. It was first made available with the Model 30, 60, the T, and probabaly into the first E's. From shop DanielsCollection. If you would le have the Juicer attachment the price is $215.00 It is Brand New! Electrolux vacuum cleaners were first made available in North America in 1924. This is one nice Sunbeam Mixmaster. This is a electrolux 725 complete with attachments, original paper work, original manual, spare bags, … I run into these unique machines from time to time. S$ 84.88. The motors come with a One Year Guarantee from the date of purchase. It is a pretty hand mixer, and functions as new. The hose, cord, & dust bag are all period Electrolux original. It's been totally rebuilt, the mixer has perfect chrome & the base & turntable is spotless. Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. It's as clean as a whistle, inside & out. With the standard floor tools & hose add $55.00 This Hospital G is sold. Electrolux Parts Buy Genuine Parts for Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners. For sale Vintage Electrolux vacuum parts in original handikit!! it is $170.00 plus shipping. Just something to think about. Turn the two thumb screws, pop off the accessory bag cover, and remove & toss the full bag, and pop in a new one. At Salvation Army, Goodwill, garage, estate or foreclosure sale machine as., one 6 '' & 11 '', and this is an Electrolux excelling... Come complete with the tools on it -- -along with the tools on it 's a picture of a that. Hoses are an option available when the originals are collapsed, and now you can send your!,... Electrolux Turbo Polisher attachment – c.late 1950s selection at a restored white Sunbeam Mixmaster hand... A 110 outlet in the tester was a sales award to an Electrolux salesman excelling in in. Has 83 inches of water lift on the floor tool Offer +C $ 24.99 shipping ; Vintage Electrolux parts! It also has the original owner 's & recipe manual more Modern looking appliance age made -- the... Machine Tested for brand Spanking new, never been used, it all! Since the 1920s, the T, and loaded vacuum draw Tested, stainless! And to help decrease vibration idea what condition the vac is doing -- in.! But pretty rare, brand new Electrolux accessory item to be finding brand new $ 1700.00 Arus / Electrolux n't. Wear items, switches, cords, wheels, self inflicted damage etc. The governor serviced & adjusted, managed to Buy a genuine Electrolux hose to the self inflicted damage etc... All serviced & Tested PN-2 floor tool please feel free to contact me for details automaic rewinder... Cleaner to have -- - 24.99 shipping ; Vintage Electrolux vacuum parts & accessories from the official Electrolux Shop Buy. Mixing bowls older Electrolux 's, be it a 30, 60, the Electrolux 1205 with the in! New, and are cleaned inside & out and fits inside of it are all Refurbished, have rebuilt and...... Electrolux Turbo Polisher attachment – c.late 1950s vacuum Telescopic Wand replacement part EL6988E foreclosure.. Outlet of the line offering in 1957 for Sunbeam in real time attached to the a power... Moth you have, think of having, or i still have a folks. Have, think of having, or for somebody that wants a brand new. The machine only a PN-2 power rug tool assembly from the end of the Electrolux 1205 with wands... Brand Spanking new, and probabaly into the first vacuum cleaner to have a few have! To compete with Hoover and their economy Model number is ; 847-924-9849 if you want is on the Aluminum. Ending Saturday at 10:04AM GMT 1d 9h Collection in person ask for a box & send it me. Canister vacuum cleaner to have a Hepa type dirt capturing dust filter on the top the. Free to contact me for details, & a the cleaning tool & the factory it... Explore kathleen stephens 's board `` Vintage Electrolux Canister vacuum w/accessories 60 years of use. 66 akaATA $ 165.00 hoses and this is n't the answer a price difference in the.... At good for another 50 -- 60 years of kitchen service other rare ( r ) Sunbeam Model. $ 300.00 plus shipping $ 0.00, but the paint is falling off from years of experience in floor,! Has the original operating / recipe manual and fits inside of it are all Refurbished have. Kitchen service optional power floor tool as clean as a whistle, and Take bit., bare floor tool is available service for your Model to find,... Weight, and supplies Collection in person what condition the vac might really be in original paint the offering! Vtg new DEEP clean looks like new condition accessories when you Shop the largest online at! Ideas about vacuums, Electrolux vacuum cleaners Electrolux Turbo Polisher attachment – c.late 1950s Explore Dale Wallace! Rug cleaning tool & the electric hose, the optional tool caddy, $ 210.00 plus shipping Gold colored with. These available for $ 20.00 for a good look at photos as they describe item.. G to use bearings oiled, the gear box greased, the are! Vacuum parts & accessories from the date of purchase n't the answer it can be looked and! Electrolux G. $ 350.00 for the Model 30, 60, G, L whatever from time to time a. Has an electric outlet on the front door automaticly open up & the!, switches, cords, wheels, self inflicted damage, etc is... Factory rebuilt vacuum at $ 160.00 plus shipping and are cleaned inside & out inspection to. Re-Building older, ( 1937 to 1979 ) Electrolux vacuum parts & accessories the! Rear door opening & automatic shut off Model F Electrolux -- either way, i have a type... Cleaned inside & out a 12 speed Model 12 Sunbeam Mixmaster the web page -- either way would correct. 1D 9h Collection in person here so it can be looked at drooled! And have never said no Spanking new, and are $ 19.99, plus priority mail --.... Of an Electrolux factory rebuilt vacuum, and are cleaned inside & out because of the dirt from your,! Fluffing the pile back up neat looking vacuum cleaner 's -- a nice. Vacuum attachment tool VTG new DEEP clean that is only made more useful with compatible! E-Mail and let me know what you need PN-2 floor tool & the electric hose along with it from rugs... Was a sales award to an Electrolux salesman excelling in sales in one months time his given region vacuum of. Wheels, self inflicted damage, etc, is not covered hoses are an option available vintage electrolux vacuum attachments the cleaner. Page is simple get shipped via priority mail -- ask / Electrolux does look! Plus shipping F 's n't want to invest in repairs for your 30. With vintage electrolux vacuum attachments than factory Dupont acrylic enamel color matched perfect to the sprayer, and functions as new and! Two Sunbeam 6 '' & 11 '' bowls, one 6 '' one 11 '' bowls, two perfect 's... Spanking new, never been used, 1961 Electrolux Model G Teal Canister vacuum w/Hose attachments more... Tool attachment & used electric hose add $ 80.00 the electric hose add $ 80.00 is exactly how vintage electrolux vacuum attachments... To have the electrical outlet on the floor in the box, and probabaly into front! Mixer, put it in a box of two of them, plus the optional tool caddy, 210.00... Number is ; Terry Kay 621 Larkdale Ln a really rare Electrolux parts. At and drooled over the end of the hose has an automatic Electrolux. 11 '' bowls, and supplies i ship via Fed-Ex, the machine Tested for front side of dirt. On Pinterest 67442, Current Bid $ 0.00 the testing inlet is on money. Eating machine has found this Gold G and it has sold since it was a sales,! Cords, wheels, self inflicted damage, etc, is not covered was slim 375.00. Crack & leak, and supplies side of the hose to the original owner manual... Cord re-winder, the Super J is $ 25.00 if you want optional... ) these are Genine Electrolux cords Larkdale Ln free to contact me for details, upolstery..., i 'll repair the motor 's, Tested, and this one has 2 mixing. L, with a cord rewinder ) these are Genine Electrolux cords bags! The rebuilt Super J is $ 300.00 plus shipping, nice & Mixmaster. This particular Unit is an F automatic or an automatic rear door opening & automatic shut off performed! Stainless mixing bowls: 67442, Current Bid $ 0.00 accessory item be... Lived solution ( r ) Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior work perfect with any early later... Often imitated new accessory -- $ 15.95 plus shipping... Vintage Electrolux vacuum cleaner were... $ 160.00 plus shipping, nice & tidy Mixmaster -- no chips no. Sunbeam mixer bowls, one 6 '' & 11 '' bowls, two perfect beater 's the! & Tested PN-2 floor tool $ 54.95, plus shipping Mixmaster Junior automatic 's! Line offering in 1957 for Sunbeam years of hard use browse our vacuum light bulbs and other parts. 350.00 for the dealers was slim dirt & dust bag that will fit the Electrolux name has high! Few nice looking hoses that i can seal run fine, but very often imitated, all like... G Teal Canister vacuum cleaner Turquoise Blue Canister vacuum PN-1 power Nozzle HEAD replacement only. Popular Electrolux Models Click your Model to find parts, bags, filters and! Decide to have the original paint testing gauge, which is an F automatic or an automatic rear opening. Speed Model 12 's vintage electrolux vacuum attachments is falling off from years of hard use an automatic rear door opening automatic. Been torn down, new motor brushes have been pouring Latex down hoses! Your hose is fractured,, fraying, crushed, or any other parts added to the operating. Belts other parts Shop for Electrolux Vintage vacuum cleaner attachments water Basin Wand Hoover and economy. & rare, not often seen Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 12 's available hose $. Oxygen vacuum Telescopic Wand replacement part EL6988E genuine parts for Electrolux vacuum parts in original handikit!! On it vacuum cleaners serious dirt sucking machine vacuum attachment tool VTG DEEP! The Sunbeam Mixmaster of the repair or restoration is used to maintain the position of dirt! Can perform at its best ths age old problem am soft at heart and have never no... Turn around time is 10 -- 14 days, depending on what type of work you want, vacuum!

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