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Tyler: Unisex name which means “Tile maker”. This unique-sounding name is a variant of the Dutch surname Schuyler, which means scholar. However, when it comes to gender-neutral names or unique unisex names, the rulebook doesn’t work. 9. Some of these names are derived from ancient Roman names. When it comes to naming your baby, there are no ‘hard and fast’ rules. Browse our entire collection of unisex names beginning with A. Cody: Unisex name which means “Cushion”. There are too many names from which here we have written … Brice: Unisex name which means “Swift”. Darren: Unisex name which means “Great”. Stuck thinking of gender neutral baby names? One who love change and challenges, but take too many risks. Mallory: Unisex name which means “Unfortunate or unlucky”. So, if you are still unaware of the gender of your baby, but want to decide on a name beforehand, or if you want your child’s name to be a bit different, consider selecting a unisex name. Brett: Unisex name which means “From Britain”. 21. 97. Moreso, discovering one of a kind unisex names may likewise demonstrate a Herculean task. Below is a list of unique unisex baby names for your baby. Jerry: Unisex name which means “Mighty Spearman”. It is a unisex name, with an unknown origin and meaning. Ajira was another name for Durga. 19. 36. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity. Casey: Unisex name which means “Brave”. Rene: Unisex name which means “Reborn”. 74. Addison: Unisex name which means “Son of Adam”. 49. Lee: Unisex name which means “Dweller near the wood or clearing.”, 67. not slow, which means quick, rapid. Delaney: Unisex name which means “Son of the challenger”. Finding the ideal name for children may not be as simple as it appears. Giving baby a neutral baby name, such as initials like J.P or T.J may be just what you want to do, so check out our list of unique unisex baby names and their meanings! There’s been a rise in people choosing gender fluid names for their child, especially celebrities. 4. Means ‘Son of Adam’. Robin: Unisex name which means “Bright fame”. 18. A popular Presidential name that's charmingly unisex, Kennedy actually has a bit of a strange meaning—"misshapen head." Auden: Of Old English origin meaning "old friend. 91. Have a look! Cool Gender-Neutral Baby Names. UPDATED: MARCH 3, 2020. You try... Is he the one? 22. Picking out a short unisex baby name is a smarter choice than you ever decided because short unisex names make your life easier in many ways, for example, easy spellings, straightforward pronunciation, and unique sound. Are you searching for unisex baby names? Kade – This name is of English origin and means “round“. And, like always, MomJunction is here with a compilation of some unique gender neutral or unisex baby names. Now when I have a baby then again I went back to my old school when the … But it all comes down to personal choice and all of these names are ones that have been used for both sexes, either traditionally or in more modern times. 88. With the recent trends shifting towards unisex names, even gender norms have been revoked. Unisex Names With Awesome Meanings. Apart from being the eighth month of the year, August is a strong unisex name meaning “great” and “magnificent” for boys and “majestic” and “venerable” for girls. 10. 85. Leslie: Unisex name which means “From the gray fortress”. 51. Blaine: Unisex name which means “Slender or thin”. 5. A unisex name which means beautiful or handsome and intelligent. Taylor: Unisex name which means “To cut”. Orion: Unisex name which means “Son of fire”. Michael: Unisex name which means “Who is like God”. Blair/Blaire: Meaning "plain or field," this name has Scottish-Gaelic origins. Unisex names or gender-neutral names are the unique names that are used for both sex boys and girls. Bailey: Unisex name which means “Administrator”. 100 Cool and Unique Unisex Baby Names – Gender Neutral Names If you are looking for 100 unique unisex baby names then you have come to the right place! Knowing the significance of getting the coolest and trendiest of names, a list of beautiful unisex names with meanings have been assembled to make things easier for you. Shane: Unisex name which means “God is gracious”. A Latin unisex name is fitting for any baby who wants a name with a rich history. Jade: Unisex name which means “Stone of the side”. Well we've rounded up over 100 unisex baby names and their meaning. Others choose a unisex name for the sound or the meaning. Shay: Unisex name which means “Supplanter”. 70. 52. Bailey: A surname originating in the Middle Ages in England, it means "bailiff" or "enforcer of the law." Derived from Afton which was a place in Scotland that had Feminine Strength. 35. 5 of 14 20. Meaning “army“ This lovely unisex name was popular in the early 1900’s, but basically fell off of the charts in the late 1970s. Some gender-neutral names like Avery and Kennedy are traditionally last names that turned into first names. 65. Please read our Disclaimer. It's 2019 and nowadays it seems that parents (especially celebrities mums and dads) are choosing unisex baby names for their little ones.. 47. Finding the perfect name for kids may not be as easy as it seems. Nearly everyone in the circle of relationship has asked a variant of this question at some point in their romantic... Sending birthday text messages to people we know and love is one of the very important things we can do for them. 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In other meanings it means pearl, a precious stone which is very expensive. 12. 41. A gender-neutral name is unisex, meaning you can give it to a girl or a boy. 92. These names don’t fit into a box when it comes to naming conventions of any kind. 15. 45. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Riley is an Irish name meaning “courageous” and it’s one of the top 100 unisex names in the US. 72. There may be different reasons to ponder a gender-neutral name when deciding your child’s name, a unisex name. 87. Finley. James: Unisex name which means “Supplanter English”. Alexis: Unisex name which means “Defender of mankind”. Addison: Unisex name which means “Son of Adam”. #32. Chandler: Unisex name which means “Maker of candles”. These names have become very popular. Chief deity. Emerson: Unisex name which means “Industrious ruler”. Florian: Unisex name which means “Blooming or flowering”. 23. Jan: Unisex name which means “God is gracious”. Read about list of unisex baby names for boys and girls. Addison has other spellings such as Addisen, Addisson, Addisyn, Addysen and Adison. The literal meaning of aftonio means one who does have any jealousy. Ira: Unisex name which means “Watchful or vigilant”. Unique Baby Names - Gender Neutral. A unisex name meaning ‘ocean’ in Hawaiian, Kai is a fun name choice for boys or girls. 90. 73. Parker: Unisex name which means “Gamekeeper”. Duncan: Unisex name which means “Brown warrior”. Cary: Unisex name which means “Descendant of the dark one”. 78. Unisex baby names are popular; with celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher and Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick opting for gender-neutral monikers when naming their precious little ones. 34. Lucian: Unisex name which means “Bringer of light”. A gender-neutral name is unisex, which means you can name a girl or a boy with a similar name. I know I do. Francis: Unisex name which means “Free or from France”. Avery. Before the 1990’s, Addison was traditionally a boy’s name, however in the 1990’s it swapped to become a girl’s name. Fabian: Unisex name which means “Bean grower”. Lindsay: Unisex name which means “Island of linden trees”. Other names, such as Dana and Leslie which were once mainly boys names are now more common for girls. Drew: Unisex name which means “Manly”. 50 Best And Unique Biracial Baby Names For Boys And Girls 100 Magnificent And Royal Rajput Surnames, With Meanings 100 Popular Indian Brahmin Surnames Or Last Names, By Region Kaius – This is a unique boy name of questionable origin and meaning, although it’s thought to be of Latin origin and meaning “rejoice”. A gathering place. Arden: An English name meaning "valley of the eagle," but it also has origins in Hebrew as a word for the garden of Eden. You may consider a unisex name distinctive, avoiding gender … 42. Marley: Unisex name which means “From the lake meadow”. 31. Alex: Unisex name which means “Defender of mankind”. 50. 93. Agas in Hebrew means the fruit pear. Lets be honest, choosing a name for your child is one of the biggest decisions every parent has to make - after all, a name is for life! Ryan: Unisex name which means “Little King”. Knowing the importance of getting the coolest and trendiest of names, a list of 100 unique unisex names and their meanings have been put together to make things easier for you. 56. 44. Dustin: Unisex name which means “Valiant fighter”. Along with Nico and True, other cool unique unisex names ranking in the US Top 1000 include River, Justice, Bowie, and Scout. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Dallas: Unisex name which means “near the field”. Donovan: Unisex name which means “Dark Warrior”. 17. RELATED: 15 Empowering Baby Girl Names for 2018 96. Cullen: Unisex name which means “Handsome”. It it regaining popularity now, although not quite at the levels it was at the first time it became popular. The naming process can be quite a task, especially when you are looking for the best Turkish names to christen your child with. Some of these names may be used for one particular sex more often than the other. 26. 11. Unisex baby names — ones that work well for a boy or girl — are a great option for parents who don't want to find out the sex until the birth but don't want to wait until the last minute to choose a name. 1. Raphael: Unisex name which means “God has healed”. Celebrities like Kim and Kanye named their daughter North while Kristen and Dax named their daughter Lincoln. Spencer: Unisex name which means “Dispenser of provisions”. 40. Meaning “magic dignity”, this name has a meaning that can be really appreciated. They can melt a stony heart and reposition people's outlook... As a newlywed or someone who is about to walk down the aisle, bouts of excitement will surround you. 80. Suitable for both a girl and a Boy which means powerful, intellectual, poise, charming and attractive. 37. 69. 2. Carmine: Unisex name which means “Song”. Sean: Unisex name which means “God is gracious”. Montana: Unisex name which means “Mountainous”. Any of these lovely names will make your baby stand out instantly. Harley: Unisex name which means “From the Hare’s meadow”. 63. 75. 79. Kelsey: Unisex name which means “Ship island”. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically. Short unisex names, as you already know that unisex names are being on-trend nowadays, and I remember when I was a student of primary grade and there I saw many kids which have gender-neutral names and I just loved that names especially often names were short like Oak, Rory, Remy and it sound good. Kelly: Unisex name which means “Warrior”. Billy: Unisex name which means “Resolute protector”. Nevada: Unisex name which means “Snowy”. 43. Tracy: Unisex name which means “Harvester”. So, if you are still unaware of the gender of your baby, but want to decide on a name beforehand, or if you want your child’s name to be a bit different, consider selecting a unisex name. Reagan: Unisex name which means “Little King”. Adrian: Unisex name which means “Dark”. Questions about whether or not long-distance relationships really work for people involved in them have been asked for ages. 48. 33. Skylar: Unisex name which means “The isle of the Sky”. Naming in the 21st century is no longer restricted to the usual old age names. Cassidy is a Gaelic name meaning “twisted lock of hair.” The name is also derived from the popular Irish surname O’Caiside. 100. Most of the calls a majority of us will receive throughout our lifetime will be informal calls from friends and family. Tyne: Unisex name which means “A river in England”. Using a gender neutral name is already a distinctive choice, and becoming more common in current years. 86. 94. We have a list of some really cool, unique and trendy unisex names and their meanings that are perfectly suitable as baby girl names or baby boy names. Here, some of our favorite unique baby names that are gender neutral. 22. 71. Darryl: Unisex name which means “Darling”. 32. 84. 31. 38. A decent name for a baby Boy or girl which means the melodious musical songs of the birds. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cassidy: Unisex name which means “Clever or curly headed”. Caden: Unisex name which means “Barrel”. 89. There are times when we find it difficult to forget about someone especially because of the role they played in our life. Dakota: Unisex name which means “Allies or friends.”. 59. Corey: Unisex name which means “Dweller near a hollow”. And, like always, MomJunction is here with a compilation of some unique gender neutral or unisex baby names. 58. Such names bring about a nostalgic and ephemeral feeling which can create fear in... © Chartcons.com 2020. 14. A precious stone which is priceless, magnificient and unique. The words I love you are among the most soothing expressions in the world. Sonny: Unisex name which means “A young boy”. Following up on our previous two posts (see below links), we thought it was only fair to compile a list too for moms and dads looking for gender-neutral, unisex names. Tory: Unisex name which means “Victory”. London: Unisex name which means “Fortress”. Hadley: Unisex name which means “From the heather covered meadow”. Ashton: Unisex name which means “Ash tree enclosure”. Payton: Unisex name which means “A town or settlement”. Connor: Unisex name which means “Exalted/wise/constant”. 57. 7. 66. The first part of this name means “elf” and the second part of this name's meaning … Dylan: Unisex name which means “Son of the sea”. Quinn: Unisex name which means “Fifth”. 62. Noel: Unisex name which means “Christmas”. 27. MacKenzie: Unisex name which means “Fair one or handsome”. 16. These tend to be the traditional, very common names that we have seen since biblical times and beyond. Madison: Unisex name which means “Mighty in battle. 3. 95. Christian: Unisex name which means “Follower of Christ or anointed”. Become a proud parent by choosing from the above list of 120 unique unisex names and their meanings for you child. Blair: Unisex name which means “Dweller on the plain”. Whether you call them gender neutral names or non-binary baby names, it’s simply strong unisex names that can be used for males or females. Logan: Unisex name which means “Dweller in a little hollow”. If you come from a family of scholars, you might like to pass on that legacy to the new generation with this name. Kennedy's currently trending higher for girls. 55. This is especially true for... Do you have any favorite songs about growing up? Israel: Unisex name which means “Contender with God”. 53. 23. Unique unisex names we think have wide appeal include but are not limited to Auden, Arden, Arlo, Asa, and Austen. The preference towards gender-neutral naming has started seeing a shift of increase and some names go beyond making any gender evident at all. Blair. Skyler. I’ve got 50 unique unisex baby names for you to choose from, plus their meanings! Erin: Unisex name which means “Ireland”. 2. 81. Still others like to be on top of baby name trends, and right now unisex baby names are more popular than ever, especially among more educated, urban, and progressive parents - they are funky and cool, and are still pretty unique in the grand scheme of things. Haiden: Unisex name which means “From the hedged valley”. Perry: Unisex name which means “Dweller by the pear tree”. Elisha: Unisex name which means “God is my salvation”. Devon: Unisex name which means “Poet”. A pear signifies strength,power, longevity, nobility and fruitfulness. 77. Morgan is a Welsh name meaning ‘travelling or circling the sea’, ‘bright sea’ and ‘white sea dweller’. Moreso, finding unique unisex names may also prove a Herculean task. Today we’re talking baby names, and to be more specific, some seriously badass unisex names that work for baby boys or girls. Lonnie: Unisex name which means “Ready for battle”. 29. McKenna: Unisex name which means “Ascend”. Apparently, the reason for this... An old maxim summed up the essence of friendship in five words - "no man is an island". What I do hope is that as you go through them, … Austin. Also spelled Finlay/Finnley, Finlea/Finleigh, these Irish unisex names mean ‘hero of battle with fair skin or hair’, or simply ‘fair hero’. Though the moniker has become more popular for males overtime, it still remains a rare—but solid—choice for females, too. A one of a kind gemstone. 76. 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It... Necromancer names are quite intriguing when you think about it. 25. 83. 54. 68. 82. It has become one of the favorite unique unisex baby names chosen by parents. It was a central square in the Ancien Greek cities, British,Georgian,Hawaiian,Irish,United States. 6. Skyler These names are beautiful and hold deep meaning as well. Reese: Unisex name which means “Ardor”. 28. Ellery: Unisex name which means “From the elder tree                 island”. Paris: Unisex name which means “Lover”. 61. Simple, yet profound, these names have meanings you can be proud of. But maybe you want to take it one step further and choose a more unique gender-neutral name. 60. 99. This is one of the few gender-neutral names that is truly unisex, meaning that it doesn’t skew heavily one way for boys or girls. Cameron: Unisex name which means “Crooked nose”. Kadin: Unisex name which means “Companion”. Regardless, parents selecting a unisex name are making a trendy decision. Some names are rather obvious as to whether they are male or female. All rights reserved. Dane: Unisex name which means “From Denmark”. Related: Unique Boy Names; Harlow – English origin. Carmen: Unisex name which means “Song”. Unique Unisex Names 1. 39. 46. Kerry: Unisex name which means “Dark haired one”. Dana: Unisex name which means “From Denmark”. 98. Tony: Unisex name which means “Worthy of praise”. All rights reserved. Sydney: Unisex name which means “Wide meadow”. Anytime we hear badass names we always look out for an intimidating, uncompromising and tough fellow. 30. Chartcons does not provide medical advice, legal, or other professional advice. Kai – A unisex name of Hawaiian origin meaning “sea”. Initially a male name, today it’s slightly more popular as a girl’s name. 64. 13. Other cool unique baby names used more for both boys and girls include Story, Indigo, and Royal. Ashley: Unisex name which means “Meadow of ash trees”. 24. Cecil: Unisex name which means “Dim sighted or blind”. A few of them are popular but most are rare.

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