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Devon Hales Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Education. We find out that they have a history, they have a backstory of when Sterling snubbed April in fifth grade. Now I live in a suburb outside of Atlanta, and I got a theater degree from Kennesaw State (University). 693 Followers, 1,672 Following, 68 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Devon Hale (@devonhale01) So it was important to me to be able to say yeah, I know what that looks like and I know what this culture is. She made her debut TV show appearance as Charlene in Stan … To Support- and her age maybe 13 to 15 years old. Titles Your Worst Nightmare, He's Out There. Karen in "Your Worst Nightmare" People Devon Hales. Even after that, I went to public high school and we are still around a lot of people who are so ingrained in that southern religious culture. Hales has occasionally appeared in small screen over the years but mostly in cameos. I just love the character of Bowser so, so much and think that the way that they were able to, within this teen show, really dedicate time and care and energy to telling this man’s story was so beautiful and so heartwarming. That’s the mode I am in right now. Moreover, she seems to be around 20 to 25 years old at the moment. It’s getting me in front of new casting directors out in (Los Angeles) and in other markets like Vancouver and New York. TV and media make jokes about guys doing that every five seconds, and it’s never ever discussed for those who are female or identify as female. Devon Hales Facts She was raised in the United States. Devon Hales Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Education. Though the Netflix series is centered around part-time bounty hunters and full-time fraternal twin sisters Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) Wesley, Hales' character April plays a crucial role in the storyline. I think there is a comfort there even though they are operating in a way that is totally different than how it was for the last ten years. Kadeem Hardison who plays Bowser. DH: I’ll just tell you honestly that the discussions about female sexuality are incredibly important. I’m April and am absolutely delighted you stopped by. She is an intense little person. ... That is, of course, until the most unexpected, yet epic, kiss between April and Sterling that sent Twitter into a frenzy and gave the world the newest shippable TV couple (assuming they get back together after the Season 1 finale, of course). It’s a story about a pair of fraternal female twins that are 16 years old. Devon Hales Picture Gallery on with Devon Hales Photos from stage, special events, red carpets and more. Finding a good carpool buddy and some good music keeps you semi-sane. *This is a promotional service of HarperCollins Publishers, 195 Broadway, New York, NY 10007, providing information about the products of HarperCollins and its affiliates. any siblings) in the family apart from her parents. I was looking forward to it, but I had definitely no idea what to expect. Edit Tags Report This. She becomes so vulnerable, in ways she didn’t even realise, to Sterling, so that when the kiss happens, it’s like whoa. What was it like making a show in Georgia, about Georgia as a Georgian? And then you see that he doesn’t necessarily have a lot going for him and doesn’t really take care of himself or love himself the way he should and these girls are really trying to teach him how to do that. We also talk about that which must not be named and the army of fans who will follow Devon Hales and the rest of the Teenage Bounty Hunters cast for all of the projects they'll be in for the rest of their careers. Read the best books by Devon Hales and check out reviews of books and quotes from the works The Divers' Game, Island of Sweet Pies and Soldiers Her bio can be however read from IMDb where she is active. ES: What is your next step for your career? So, definitely not until my freshman year of college, and for some, it takes even longer, so don’t worry guys. She portrays the character, April Stevens. As in any coming-of-age show, there's gotta be a "mean girl" character, and this shows' baddie comes into play in a pretty unexpected way. She is OK with herself and with her Lord about how she identifies. I’m excited to really push myself and grow, and work with this new management team to expose me to some new opportunities. *This is a promotional service of HarperCollins Publishers, 195 Broadway, New York, NY 10007, providing information about the products of … Not just sexual identity, but I think especially in the Southern, particularly Christian community, female sexuality and female sexual desires are often treated like a myth and not discussed at all. DH: It’s really special to me for a couple of reasons. Todas las películas de Devon Hales en el género fantástico y de terror, así como su biografía y otros trabajos en series, cortos, etc. Emma Scott is a junior at Clarke Central High School in Athens, GA and Variety Editor for the ODYSSEY Media Group. Devon Hales is an actress, known for Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020) and Stan Against Evil (2016). Pictured: LTC David McMickle ES: That’s what I wrote about in my review — how the show works with identity. Wij willen hier een beschrijving geven, maar de site die u nu bekijkt staat dit niet toe. You think you know her and then there is so much more to her. There’s a lot of it that shoots in Atlanta, which is really great. Check below for more deets about . But she knows the family that she’s in, she knows the community that she’s in and because she had these goals and these aspirations basically her plan was not to come out until she’s probably in college (and) she’s out from under her parents’ roof. (Don’t) waste time worrying about what other people are thinking about you and about your own goals because most of the time they’re not thinking about you, they’re thinking about their own stuff. Warning: Teenage Bounty Hunters spoilers follow. While there's no news yet whether Teenage Bounty Hunters will be renewed for a second season, it's clear fans want to see more from Hales. As a Georgia native, Hales is proud to be a part of a show that recognizes the South for what it is. The following section contains spoilers for “Teenage Bounty Hunters.” After watching the Netflix Original Series, return to this section to read Hales’ insights about her character. April is scary to me. Devon Hales does not disclose her personal information in public. It’s something that our creator Kathleen felt very strongly about representing and I think it’s great. She has not revealed her real age. What is happening with you?” And obviously when they get paired up for the project (in episode seven), April is able to tell her, “I can’t believe you don’t remember what you did to me. @CCHS_Gladiators, Happy Veterans Day from the ODYSSEY Media Group! I think April does have some moments where she is like, “Maybe I should have thought for two more seconds before I lashed out at that person.” Definitely both softies at heart, despite whatever exterior can come off. Known Locations: Crofton MD, 21114, Warminster PA 18974, Warwick PA 18974 Possible Relatives: Christopher M Adams, Devon E Hale, Gail O Hale MANCHESTER — These students were named to the first-quarter honor roll at Bennet Academy. Devon Hales Facts. The fact that this show talks about that and it’s interwoven slightly in my own storyline makes me extremely proud to be a part of it. And so the ways that this show discusses that and chooses to address it. I was definitely a little disheartened because a lot of people I knew who were going to school for theater were going to a conservatory or going to get a (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and I was just going to a regular school that had a theater program. She got the great opportunity through the latest Netflix series. Specifically, female masturbation. How did you describe it to people when they asked you what you were working on? Born on , , hails from , , . 8 of 20. Sign up now for Devon Hales alerts, including news and special offers. She started doing plays when she was in University and continued even after graduation. Devon Hales is an American entertainer who will be found in real life in a forthcoming Netflix satire dramatization arrangement, Teenage Bounty Hunters. DH: April Stevens. After devouring Season 1, viewers are itching to know more about Devon Hales, who plays April in Teenage Bounty Hunters. And then I would say, “And I play the mean girl.”. We found 11 records in 12 states for Devon Hale in the US. How can you relate to April? Has COVID-19 affected your plans? Tweet on Twitter; Pin on Pinterest; Are you a Devon Hales fan? Stuff like (“Teenage) Bounty Hunters,” getting to be on set for a long time (is) the cherry on top. Devon Hales. It’s going to be just fine. It’s so special to be on a show that appreciates that and can see the good and the bad that exists around Atlanta. Devon Hales is an actor in the Netflix series, Teenage Bounty Hunters. People: Devon Hales. “But, for a long time, Atlanta actors were only getting smaller, what we call “day player” roles, where you’ll see something that shoots in Atlanta and you might have an Atlanta actor playing a barista or playing your checkout girl, like those kinds of roles.”, — Devon Hales, Boy's and girl's basketball, swimming, and wrestling. She holds an American nationality. A special election for Western Judicial Circuit District Attorney will be held on Dec 1. She made her debut TV show appearance as Charlene in Stan Against Evil in 2016. However, it was not known if there was anyone else (i.e. ES: “Teenage Bounty Hunters” is a crazy premise for a show. “I just love the character of Bowser so, so much and think that the way that they were able to, within this teen show, really dedicate time and care and energy to telling this man’s story was so beautiful and so heartwarming.”. ES: Can you describe your character, April? Variety Editor Emma Scott: Tell me a bit about yourself. There are a lot of things that are similar, I’m just a much more dialed down version. Karen in "Your Worst Nightmare" People Devon Hales. Just work to make it happen, and if it doesn’t, things always show up along the way that manage to totally surprise you. That happens in this show. It’s like no, she is still the same troubled, possibly problematic character that she’s always been. So, for me to have been able to book a role of this size out of Atlanta as an actor from Atlanta, that is really really special to me. As in , ‘s age is . DH: Yeah. There is not even a single wiki site available under her name currently. ES: How did that transition in April and Sterling’s relationship happen? Besides, she is by all accounts around 20 to 25 years of age right now. From Tuesday, December 1 - Tuesday, December 8th, we will be running a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #IAMBOB and inviting black-owned businesses in Devon … She is currently single and has got no boyfriend. The average Devon Hale is around 46 years of age with around 67% falling in to the age group of 41-60. I also think that April is, I don’t want to say impulsive, but I think that she reacted before she even knew what was happening. Tweet on Twitter; Pin on Pinterest; Are you a Devon Hales fan? Wij willen hier een beschrijving geven, maar de site die u nu bekijkt staat dit niet toe. Facts of Devon Hales. She’s really not. Devon Hales (Cassidy) is thrilled to make her AE debut.She is an extremely proud member of the KSU T&PS. “Teenage Bounty Hunters” actor Devon Hales plays April Stevens in the Netflix Original Series “Teenage Bounty Hunters,” which was released on Aug. 14. Community Youth Work Support There is a strong history of Youth Work in Devon, provided by both the voluntary sector and the Local Authority's Youth Service . Devon Hales is an American actress who will be seen in action in an upcoming Netflix comedy-drama series, Teenage Bounty Hunters. Wij willen hier een beschrijving geven, maar de site die u nu bekijkt staat dit niet toe. Devon Hale in the US . She is tall and beautiful. However, it was not known if there was anyone else (i.e. Karen in "Your Worst Nightmare" Close. ES: Who is another character on the show that you find really interesting? You've got us for life Devon! As Sterling's ex-best friend and current academic rival, April was the antagonist for a good portion of the series. About half the show is their bounty hunting, and going after (bail) skips, a different one each episode, and the other half is their family life, their school time, their love lives.” And that was pretty much it. Devon Hales 1 of 14. While Netflix's new teen comedy Teenage Bounty Hunters follows a pair of bad-guy chasing 16-year-olds, the twins in the hilarious series aren't the only ones in on the drama. It was important to me that there wasn’t suddenly this switch and it’s like oh, just because she is gay, she is like a perfect character. Still, after taking a deep dive into her accounts, it looks like the actor spends her time knitting and teaching her fans how to properly keep self tanner off their clothes — two very valuable skills, TBH. Devon has 1 job listed on their profile. “Teenage Bounty Hunters” actor Devon Hales discusses playing April Stevens as an Atlanta actor, why the show is valuable to her and her own journey as an actor. DH: I am a very strong believer — it applies to a lot of things, but in the arts, where you are constantly hearing people doubt whether you are ever going to “make it” — that you just have to flip the switch. Not just because I grew up here and feel, for better or worse, attached to the South and Atlanta specifically. People talk about how auditioning is the job. DH: I think it starts, there’s definitely a moment in the first episode when she finds the condom that falls out of Sterling’s bag, that’s sort of a moment of “I have always thought I had a read on this person and this is something brand new, and something I don’t really know how to process.” I think April’s impression of Sterling has always been “You don’t have a lot of confidence. DH: Yeah, it has a lot to do with the new management team that I (now have since “Teenage Bounty Hunters” was released.) She’s like, “Nah, I’m all good with the Lord. Hello Reader Friends! Contact Info View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro Filmography. It’s something really special about the show. ES: What do you think is the most valuable part of the “Teenage Bounty Hunters” story? “Teenage Bounty Hunters” actor, ES: I can imagine that being from the South allows you to be that much more invested in your character on “Teenage Bounty Hunters.”. Photo by Luna Reichert, graphic by Gr…, What an honor! DH: I think we are both pretty ambitious, and willing to fight for the goals that we want to achieve, and I also sometimes speak without thinking first. I grew up in Cumming, Georgia, which is in Forsyth County. So I was thinking, I don’t know if this is really going to work out for me. You’re different from the person that I’ve known since fifth grade.” Then during episode six when they are at the debate, the fact that Sterling is so confident and really taking charge of the situation is like “What? View Devon Hales’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. TV Shows. ES: This show is set in Atlanta. Those are some very formative years. Devon Hales 12 of 14. You have to flip the switch in your own head that says “this is going to happen for me.” Then you spend all of your time working to make it happen, and you’re not wasting any time wondering whether it’s going to happen (or) freaking out that it’s not going to happen. DH: I love Kadeem’s character. Also, Devon Hales was born to American parents. I went to private Christian school third to eighth grade. She hopes to make the Variety section inclusive and representative of the entire CCHS community, while reflecting her unique perspective. Devon Hales. You have just learned something new about her, and those things can exist at the same time. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events She definitely has a political instinct to her and is a little ruthless in her pursuit of power and position. Even though she is inside this Christian community that can be very intolerant, she does not believe, as she says, that God is going to smite her for being a lesbian.”. I really, really want to do this for real and I need to be in an environment where I am around people who want to do the same thing and who are pushing me to be better and really work for it.” I had some good experiences at Berry, and through a long series of circumstances, it’s how I found Kennesaw. Filed Under: book reviews Tagged With: audiobook, Book Review, Devon Hales, Jennifer Rush, Little Brown Young Readers, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult. Devon Hales 1 of 14. 4 records for Devon Hales. And that was something that was that important to Kathleen (Jordan), our creator, in conversations that we had. Devon Hales Has Fans’ Attention. Word lid van Facebook om met Devon Motivator Hales en anderen in contact te komen. So, when they are working on the project together and she sees her making an effort, I still don’t think that April is thinking about her, necessarily, in a romantic way, but she’s like, “Wow, you have really developed a spine and you’re able to articulate your feelings in a way that I’ve never seen you do before.” And so I think that those walls, across all of the things I’ve just talked about, her walls are slowly starting to come down. A lot of auditioning. She stands on the height of 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) tall. Facebook geeft mensen de … You’re not really able to speak up or stand up for yourself or really have a strong opinion about something and make things happen for yourself. And I know specifically, not the way that I was raised by my mom, but the way that I was raised in school, that third to eighth grade, you start having conversations about that and it’s about, “How short is your skirt?”, “How low is your shirt?” and “Don’t tempt the boys because all they think about is sex and they’re just insatiable,” and there’s never any mention of our desires or the way that we think. She is someone who identifies as a lesbian and is not in denial about that within her own conversation with herself. Devon Hales is an American actress who is best known for Teenage Bounty Hunters (2020), Storage (2011) and The Resident (2018). Devon Hales is thrilled to be playing Clara in THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA. Kiss Scene (April and Sterling)Kissing Scene (Devon Hales and Maddie Phillips)Kiss Scene From Netflix Series: "Teenage Bounty Hunters" (2020) We have been through a lot of intense stuff, so thank you for supporting our community. We hope that she will prove her skills from the acting and grab the audiences hearts. Devon Hales has not revealed her age yet but we know that she is a teenager around 13-15 years old. Also, the actress possesses a height of around 5 feet 9 inches. Join Facebook to connect with Devon Hales and others you may know. (The show’s) creator, (Kathleen Jordan), grew up (in Atlanta) and went to high school here. Even though their relationship totally changed, it’s still working on the foundation of somebody that she’s known for a huge part of her life. But, for a long time, Atlanta actors were only getting smaller, what we call “day player” roles, where you’ll see something that shoots in Atlanta and you might have an Atlanta actor playing a barista or playing your checkout girl, like those kinds of roles. I went to Berry College, and about by October, I was like, I am going to transfer schools; this is not the correct place for me.

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